Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The acceptance of this privacy policy is created to inform you of how Caliber Custom Design utilizes and safe guards any and all information you provide Caliber Custom Design when used as a resource, basis and or data on this website.

Caliber Custom Design is stating its commitment to make sure that your privacy, not limiting to information you provide but with the coverage of personal reference unless requested by law enforcement under a judiciary expedite, is protected from unauthorized access and or use.

By asking you to provide specific information that identifies you upon utilizing our website resources, Caliber Custom Design is providing you the assurance that the information you provide will be used in exact conjunction with the stipulations provided in this privacy statement. Caliber Custom Design has the liberty to amend this policy at which point in time and willprovide all amendments and updates upon completion as reflected in this page. The general party is asked to check for constant revisions to be aware of changes made in policy and privacy arguments. The policy is deemed effective from September 10, 2013

This privacy policy provides you protection for all the following information that you have given, when asked by Caliber Custom Design for purposes of necessity stated in the following; The policy is required to protect the following information that is collected and is bound by security and compliance:

Michelle F., Owner ~ Caliber Custom Design

As aforementioned, Caliber Custom Design has requested the use of specific personal information for purposes that provide context within the limitations of your membership and in particular for the following reasons. It is the statute of this privacy policy to protect your information and is safeguarded for:

  • Data record keeping for internal audits.
  • Information that improves the value of products and goods
  • To be used to send you information about new developments in our product lines such as promotional email, discounts and membership programs that would apply to the interests you have selected, and have opted-in for.
  • For use of information pertaining to market research purposes,
  • To contact you via phone, email or fact for order confirmation and membership subscription confirmation.
  • To customize the website based on your preferred interests and customer service input. Security Policy

Caliber Custom Design provides you its commitment to make sure that all access to any information for both parties (both parties in reference to your access of information and access to provided information by Caliber Custom Design) are done in a secure manner. To prevent any unauthorized access and or disclosures Caliber Custom Design has employed specific tiers of security levels that encompass physical, managerial and electronic procedures that guard data and provide a high level of protection for information that is collected online.

All use of specific cookies which are inherent to the website protocol is to ask for your approval before being deposited into your browser cache and hard drive. Once you have provided Caliber Custom Design your permission to store web-specific cookies on your hard drive, it provides Caliber Custom Design with the right approach to responding to your web-specific requests and activities. The acknowledgement and acceptance of these cookies are what allows Caliber Custom Design to respond to your business needs as an individual customer.

The privacy policy will state that Caliber Custom Design will use cookies to log your web traffic and identify pages in the website that you have visited. This provides Caliber Custom Design with the right analytical data about traffic stream and improves website usage in order to tailor fit resources according to your need as a customer. This privacy policy entails the use of information gathered from cookie use specific and only limited to statistical analysis. Once this data is processed it is wiped off from the system.

As a participant of Caliber Custom Design, you are entitled and is in no obligatory requirement to accept cookies. Non-specific cookies are accepted by web browsers as part of its automated policy but you as a participant of Caliber Custom Design can choose to customize your web browser to decline cookies specific to Caliber Custom Design upon your choosing. Decline of cookies that are specific to Caliber Custom Design resources may hamper your full use of the websites consumer resources.

Caliber Custom Design reserves the right to provide additional links of interest on its web pages. Caliber Custom Design does not hold liability after you have left our parent site however and decide to visit the provided links. Caliber Custom Design states that we as an organization do not have any control or creative directive on affiliates, partners and other provided links that take you away from the Caliber Custom Design corporate site. Caliber Custom Design denies responsibility for the protection and privacy of your personal information should you choose to provide it on a neighbor or affiliate site at which each web site is governed by their own privacy policy.

Caliber Custom Design provides you with the option to restrict the use and contribution of your personal information as outlined:

  • By disallowing the use of your personal information for direct marketing purposes via selecting the option to be removed from such projects for future and current reference.
  • If you have selected to agree with the use of your personal information for direct marketing in a previous policy, Caliber Custom Design provides you with the option to withdraw your approval by stating your intent in an email and addressing it to

Caliber Custom Design guarantees that your personal information as provided from our website will not be used in the sale of such information nor for distribution to third party vendors unless you have provided your permission as required by federal and local law. The use of your information which may be sent to third parties however will be in the strict capacity of your expressed interest as indicated when you signed up and with noted approval. Caliber Custom Design reserves the right to provide promotional information for third parties, based on these interests without due notice.

All information that Caliber Custom Design pertaining to your persona can be requested with reference to the Data Protection Act 1998. You may be charged a small fee to expedite your data request. You may send your personal data request to Idaho, USA. All incorrect information as well as false personal data that need to be appended can be sent to aforementioned address, for updating and correction.

By using this website and providing your information you are agreeing to the policy and terms as set by Caliber Custom Design for the proper use of their consumer-assigned resources and are held to the statute of limitation as set by these rules and by law.

Caliber Custom Designwill update this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to reflect company and customer feedback.

Caliber Custom Design welcomes your comments regarding our Privacy Policy. If you believe that has not adhered to any part of this, please Contact Us

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